Don’t Worry, MLP, Some People are Just Made of Ticky-tacky

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It’s Girl-Crush Thursday again, everybody!  How excited are you?!?

I have to admit that when I decided to write a post about today’s crush, I got excited goosebumps and wiggled around in my chair a little like a toddler about to get a cupcake before settling myself down to type.

So…deep breath…

I have had a HUGE girl-crush on one particular actress since I first saw her on The West Wing.  She played this fantastically smart, strong, sexy lobbyist who becomes the first lady’s chief of staff.


I adore her.

This is her in one of my favorite scenes from The West Wing.  Somehow she still looks good even wearing a ludicrous hat and eating an ice cream cone.

This is one of my favorite scenes from The West Wing. Somehow she still looks good even wearing a ludicrous hat and eating an ice cream cone.

Then, of course, everyone in the world figured out how amazing she is and she landed the lead in Weeds.


Again, she played a smart, strong, sexy, but, you know, deeply flawed and increasingly baffling character.  Whom I loved.  Couldn’t stop watching even when there was a tunnel to Mexico and Kevin Nealon’s character kidnapped a woman and Nancy started calling herself “Nathalie.”

She’s the kind of actress who makes you wish you could open your eyes wider to watch her.  Kind of like a smart, sassy, modern-day Natalie Wood.  She’s truly captivating.

So imagine my surprise when I read that she said this on

“I’m almost done acting, I think.”


But Mary Louise, you’re so great!  That would be so sad!  Why would you want to stop acting?

You know why?  I’ll tell you.  It’s not because she wants to focus on other aspects of her life, although I’m sure she does.  It’s not because, like Ben Affleck, she’s decided that she’s actually much better at directing.  No.  The reason she may quit acting just makes me so mad.

Mary Louise Parker is sick of all the negativity on the interwebs directed toward, well, everyone I guess, and more specifically toward her.  She hates how nasty and horrible our society can be, especially, and this really pains me, bloggers.

Oh now it’s on, nasty horrible bloggers out there, it’s on.  You are bringing shame on all of our bloggy heads.  Who would spew hatred toward this girl?


I mean really?  She’s gorgeous.  And talented.  And seems like a real person, you know?  She has kids and stuff.  What is going on out there, internet?  What exactly even is there that you could hate about her?  Are people threatened by her?  Jealous?  I just don’t get it.

So here’s what I think.  Mary Louise has obviously been reading the wrong blogs.  She needs to go put on her yoga pants, make herself a dinner of bug-shaped mac ‘n’ cheese and a glass of cheap wine and hang out here in the land of mom-blogs.  Maybe it’s a good idea to hang up her celebrity hat for a while and just take a break.  Eat some bad carbs.  Get some blue play-dough under her fingernails and do whatever the hell she wants with her life.  She mentioned in that interview I was reading that she’d like to do some writing and take care of her kids and her goats.  (Wait, aren’t baby goats called kids?  So was she being serious that she has goats?  I’m not sure.)  Anyway.  I personally think that she should start her own mom-blog.  How awesome would that be?  I feel like even though she has, like, a staff and everything, we would probably have a lot in common.  I bet we could swap funny kid stories and talk about muffin recipes and shit.  Then, if she feels like it, she can continue with her acting and entertain us all once again.

Don’t let the haters get you down, Mary Louise Parker.  I can’t even imagine the pressures involved with being an A-list Hollywood actress, so get some rest.  Take care of yourself.  And be proud of the spectacular work that you’ve done.  You have many, many admirers out there, and here at least is one blogger who promises only to send good thoughts your way.