Adulthood: It’s Like a Roller Coaster, but not as Fun. And it’s Expensive.

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You know how sometimes you get to a point, after being stressed out, or worried, or too busy to take a breath for too long of a time, when you can actually feel yourself coming unhinged?

Please say yes.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has found herself texting her sister barely coherent nonsense about celebrity look-alikes, impulse-buying things online that she can’t really afford, and then actually, for real cry-laughing (am I sad? is this funny? what the hell is happening here??) with her husband all in the same day…

Okay so maybe that’s just how it went down for me, but I know that others of you out there have felt like you were just breaking at some point, too. My life has been anything but smooth lately, and several moments have threatened to break me. That’s what happens for me when I have too much going on and too many things to worry about – little pockets of chaos suddenly bubble up and feel completely overwhelming.

I wrote about one of those moments, which happened at lunch time on one of my home-all-day-with-three-little-kids crazy days. You can check it out over on Scary Mommy: I’m Not Taking a Break. I’m Breaking.

And then, because this is how I roll, I wrote another post for Scary Mommy earlier this month with a more strong, positive, mom-power vibe to it. Motherhood really is a roller coaster, and since I don’t like riding roller coasters alone, I’m sharing my experiences with you. Here’s 10 Things I Refuse to Put Up With Now That I’m a Mom if you want to give it a read. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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