Blogger Idol 2013!!!

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Ok you guys, I have a pretty exciting announcement.

I’m auditioning for Blogger Idol 2013!!!

It’s basically just a fun way to get my blog out there, get helpful tips and feedback for making it better, and, most importantly, I could essentially be exactly like Kelly Clarkson.  Because obviously whoever becomes the Blogger Idol would get to hang out with the American Idols, right?  No?  Not really that much similarity in the two competitions?  Yeah, okay.  Maybe not.  But there is a teeny tiny chance that Kelly Clarkson would find out that I won Blogger Idol and she’d be all like, “We should be friends!  Come hang out at my mansion with me!”

I’m getting ahead of myself.

What you could do for me, if you felt so inclined, would be to visit the Blogger Idol website:

and vote for me if I make it to the Top 12!  I probably won’t, so don’t get super excited yet, but if I do, I’ll let you know.  And you can vote for me.  Because you love this blog soooo much.

So anyway, here I go!  I haven’t auditioned for anything since my senior year of high school.  Let’s hope this is more fun!