You Can’t Win ‘Em All: Blog Awards, Blog Friends, and the Inevitable Mean Blog Comment

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One thing I love about blogging is connecting with friendly people from all over the place.  I’ve “met” like-minded moms, crazy-talented writers, and so many genuinely sweet, funny, and kind people since starting this blog.  The incredibly supportive Julia at Frantic Mama was the first blogger to reach out and nominate me for a blog award.  Recently, Meredith at Perfection Pending, Raine and Skye at Spuddy Buddies, and Megan at Meaningful Mommy have all nominated me for blog awards.  It’s encouraging to feel surrounded by positive people in the impossibly enormous world of the Internet, and I feel lucky to have connected with these generous ladies.  I’m choosing not to answer all the questions and do all the nominating that goes along with some of these awards, but I want to say THANK YOU so, so, much for being such great blog-friends, ladies.  It makes me feel loved and appreciated, in a way, and that’s no small thing.

I was also pretty flattered that featured my post about being put in my place by my 3-year-old on their site.  It felt nice to get that shout-out, even if it’s probably just a marketing thing for them.  You can see the kind mention here: Our Mommy Blog Faves: Something for Everyone

Lest you think, however, that I’m getting full of myself, or that I think I’m all that just because of a few nods of approval from other bloggers, let me also tell you that just last week I got my first really mean comment on my blog.  Yup, I’m pretty sure that the girl out there who chose “getoveryourself” as her screen name in the comment section on my silly post about pretend eyelashes for heaven’s sake totally hates my guts.  I don’t mind necessarily, that she feels such intense hatred for me, and I’m glad that it’s because of an eyelashes post and not one that’s actually important to me, like about my kids or something.  That might have hurt my feelings.  No, “getoveryourself” just didn’t fully get my point, and she got really offended.  People get really worked up in internet comments sometimes, and if taking her anger out on me and my position on eyelashes means that she’s not engaging in any real violence out there in the world, then so be it.  I do wish though, that people would learn how to disagree respectfully in blog comments.  It’s possible to have completely civilized debates, even on the interwebs, and it would be nice to see more of that and less of the spitting venom.  It’s not hard to be polite.  It’s really not.

So anyway, my real reason for writing this post is just to say a huge thank you to everyone out there who brings such fun and positivity to my experience as an internet writer, and to give a shout-out to a few blogs you should check out.  Aside from the ones I mentioned above, visit and show some love to:

Christina, The Mediocre Housewife

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and one of my favorite new discoveries in the blogosphere, Hungry Little Animal

Happy reading!