Dear Children: Please Get Out of My Bed Already

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Dear Children:

I’m not sure how we got here. By “here,” I mean this bed, the one that really belongs to your father and me, but that now contains our entire family: two parents, two dogs, and three children. We are fortunate enough to have beds for each member of our family, and yet here we are, in a tangled, tired, heap. I am writing to you today to tell you that it’s not working.

I know I’m the Mom and my chief joy in life is supposed to be meeting your needs and everything, but I’m a person too. I have needs. And one of those needs is sleep

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  • Keenan Tabor McGrath

    Are you living in my attic and peering down at us through the light fixtures? I hear ya girl! I am told I need to be meaner in the night but I just need the sound to stop so I let them in the bed and pay for it later. I’m thinking they won’t take us to college with them, so if we can hold on a decode or so we might be ok….well said!