Where I’m Going and Where I’ve Been

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything new around here, so I just thought I’d check in and say hello, do a little dusting and vacuuming, shake out the rugs, and maybe even wash the windows, so to speak.

First of all, I have actually been doing quite a bit of writing, and I have some exciting news:

I’m going to have essays published in TWO books!!

words in print

That’s right, real, honest-to-goodness PRINT books.  I can’t wait for you to read them.  Both will be published by Lisa Nolan at MonkeyStar Press, and the first is an anthology called Mom for the Holidays.  It’s a collection of stories and essays having to do with motherhood at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.  It’s the PERFECT holiday gift for any mom you know.  It will be out this fall and I’ll have all the details on when and where to buy it soon!

The second is an anthology called Adventures in Potty Training, and it’s essentially the book I wish I’d had when I was potty training my twins.  It’s a collection of humorous and horrific potty training stories by moms who have lived through it.  It will be published sometime in 2015.

Both books feature essays by bloggers that I love, and it’s just such a cool thing to work on a project like this with people whose writing makes me feel like I know them already.

The next news is also super exciting, but I’m not sure if I should say anything yet, since I don’t know how things work in the magazine business and I don’t want to jinx anything.  For now I’ll just say that you should definitely check out the December issue of Pregnancy and Newborn magazine.  You can find it in print and online.  And no, for the love of all that is holy, that’s not a weird and cryptic way of telling you I’m pregnant.  Because I’m not.  At all.

Other new stuff that’s going on here at the blog are some changes over in the right-hand sidebar.  I hope you’ll check out my favorite things in the Amazon box, and you can even shop on Amazon using the search box over there too.  Handy, right?

There’s also new ad (on the homepage) for a company called Kurgo.  If you’re a dog lover, especially one who likes to take your dog(s) with you on trips and adventures, you’re going to love this company.  They have great dog products, from collars to travel seats, and they’re reasonably priced.

Sometimes I feel a fair amount of guilt about my own two ridiculous dogs:



They were our first babies, and when the human babies came along, they became just the dogs.  Annoying, always-under-my-feet, peeing-in-the-house, dogs.  And yes, they are annoying a lot of the time, but they’re also adorable members of the family who deserve some love and attention every now and then.  So if you also tend to feel guilty about your dogs and the attention they no longer get, you could always buy them a sweet new collar (one that even comes with a bottle opener on it for you) from Kurgo.  Here’s a coupon for you:

20% off dog harnesses, car seat covers and more

I’ve read a little bit this summer, and I really, really loved The Goldfinch.  I’m also in the middle of reading a couple of great books about parenting: All Joy and No Fun and Mommy A to Z.  I really truly will write some kind of a review of these.  Mommy A to Z is an e-book by a fellow mom-blogger and I promised to read it and review it for her, so now I have some accountability!  Fall is a perfect time for book reviews, right?

Finally, big things are happening in my household: the twins start preschool this Wednesday!!!  Part of me is so VERY READY for this change.  It’s been intense and overwhelming to have all three of them with me ALL DAY EVERY DAY, so having them in preschool two days a week is hopefully going to let me catch my breath a little bit.  It’s also going to be really great for them.  They need time with other kids, away from me, to figure out the world and themselves.  Part of me is, of course, struggling a little with the whole “my babies are growing up” thing, but since it hasn’t actually happened yet, I don’t think I’ve really processed those feelings.  I’ll try to write about it once they’ve been at school for their first couple of days.  Maybe I’ll be a mess, and maybe I’ll be dancing for joy.  I guess we’ll see!

So that’s what’s going on around here.  If anyone out there is still reading my blog, after a summer of few and far between posts, THANK YOU!  And how the heck are ya’?  Tell me what you’ve been up to!