This is Definitely Not the Best Day of My Life

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Do you think you’ve already lived the best day of your life?  I’m talking about that idea, and a day that most definitely was not the best one of my life, over on The Mid today!  Here’s a preview:

“I manage to get myself out of bed and into a hot shower, and then, as I’m slowly getting ready, I spray myself in the face with hairspray.  It’s exactly as awful as you would think. Hairspray tastes like crushed aspirin mixed with shards of tin cans…” Read the full post here:

This is Definitely Not the Best Day of My Life

  • Katie Baum

    By the way – I love this for dry skin that is ALSO acne prone skin, though we run into the same problem with stuff-that-looks-deceivingly-like-hairspray.

    • ShakespearesMom

      That stuff looks awesome! Thanks so much! If I get it, I’ll try really hard to keep it in a completely separate location from my hairspray 🙂