Parenting: Full of Surprises

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Parenting, I’ve discovered, never stops surprising me.

Last night, for example, lying in bed after a pretty unpleasant day (okay, that’s an understatement; it was a terrible day) with the kids, I was hit with a realization:

I haven’t had a day off from parenting in over a year.  It’s kind of hard to believe.

This job that I love, but that is also cracking and threatening to break me, has not allowed for a single day off since one day in February 2013.  Jeez Louise, no wonder I feel like I’m falling apart.  That wasn’t a very good surprise.

On the other hand, my kids also surprise me in good ways all the time.  Just the other day, Captain Chaos came up to me, holding out her index finger, and said, “Here you go, Mommy.”

I’m sure any mom knows exactly what I was thinking would be on the end of that finger.

But, surprise!  It was just a piece of sequins from a dress-up dress.  Not a booger in sight.  That was a lovely surprise.

And today, over on Mommy Hot Spot, I’m talking about some more parenting stuff that regularly surprises me, even when I feel like I should probably be used to it by now.  I’d love it if you checked it out!  Here’s the link: The Surprises of Parenting