Review: My New, Super-Cool Wood Watch from Jord (Yup! A Wood Watch. You Have to See it!)

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Blogging, while incredibly rewarding, is not a paid job.  Not really.  I do it because it’s fun, but it’s also nice that every once in a while, an opportunity comes my way to review a product.  That means I get to have a free product in exchange for writing an honest review about it.  Imagine my excitement when instead of baby wipes or pot holders or something kind of lame like that, I was offered the chance to review a watch.  A really cool, unique watch that I would actually want to wear.


I must be a celebrity!  Someone wants to give me a free, awesome watch!

photo 2(2)

That someone is Jord, a small company in St. Louis that makes beautiful wood watches.  How cool is that?  They have a wide variety of styles of both men’s and women’s watches, and if you’re looking for the perfect unique, last-minute Christmas gift, you have to check out their site:

Jord Wood Watches

Their customer service is excellent.  The site has a live chat feature if you have any questions, and the people I connected with to set up the review were incredibly friendly and easy to work with.  Their products are truly lovely, made right here in the United States, and come with a one-year warranty.

So, without further ado, here are some photos of my beautiful wood watch:

First, it came in a really nice wooden box, making it perfect to give as a gift. (I liked mine too much though.  I’m keeping it.)

photo 1(2)

It was nestled on a little pillow, looking all cool (and, bonus!  You can give the little pillow to your kids to play with if you want.  Mine has a tweed pattern, so if your kids are into playing house party/hunting weekend at Downton Abbey, they’re in luck!):

photo 2(2)

I chose the model called Sidney Maple and Rose Gold.  I love the rose gold trend.  I used to think rose gold was only for weirdo Grandma brooches or children’s first communion crosses, but now it’s hip and I really like it.  The face itself has a soft, brushed quality, and the dials and details are shinier.  Check it out on the website to get a good look:

Sidney Maple and Rose Gold Watch

It’s a big watch, which I really like.  Here’s what it looks like on my wrist: (Sorry – a hand model I am not.  I felt totally ridiculous photographing my own wrist, but whatever.)

photo 4

photo 3(2)

The watch comes with a lot of links, so you may have to remove some to make it fit.  I’m sure that most people take a watch to a jeweler to have links removed, but my husband kindly did it for me.  He said it was a little trickier than usual, but he still managed it just fine.  Also, since the watch is made of wood, it’s obviously not waterproof.  It’s very comfortable and surprisingly lightweight.

I’m pleased to say that I am very happy with this watch.  It sells for $199, and honestly I think that’s a really reasonable price, considering the quality, the detail, the service, and the fact that it’s made by a small U.S. company.  A Jord wood watch would make an excellent holiday gift for almost anyone.  Well, you know, anyone who’s a grown-up.  I’m not getting these for my little hooligans.


I hope you’ll check out the site if you still have some Christmas shopping to do, or consider Jord in the future if you’re looking to get yourself a sweet new watch!  They really are a great company to work with and I feel super lucky that they reached out to me.

Happy shopping!