Some Days, You Just Have to Make up Your Own Damn Award

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Well you guys, I might as well just give it to you straight.

I didn’t make the top 12 in Blogger Idol.

I know.  You’re shocked and saddened.  Take a minute.  Get a tissue and pull yourself together.

The competition for Mom-Blogs was pretty intense.  One of my favorites, Honest Mom, who’s a real actual writer and everything, didn’t make it.  Silly judges.

So I may not be winning a blogging contest, but I am absolutely winning at something else today.



And this:


Yup.  That’s two whole laundry receptacles EMPTY.  (Okay so full disclosure: there are two more laundry receptacles in the house that do still have some stuff in them, but it’s not even enough to make a whole load.  So they don’t count for anything.)

Today I’m staying on top of laundry LIKE A BOSS.  That shit is dried, folded, and (mostly) put away.

So whatever, Blogger Idol 2013.  You guys have fun.  I’m going to hold onto this small victory in my ongoing battle with soap suds and spin cycles.  Please excuse me while I go check Pinterest for instructions on making my own Laundry Princess Tiara.  Or maybe a Laundry Goddess Statuette.

They can’t take that away from me.