Three Words: Olivia Pope’s Coats

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Okay so I know that I am not the only one who is totally and completely addicted to Scandal.  I also know that I am not the only one out there with a huge girl-crush on Olivia Pope.  If you haven’t seen the show, then just go watch it right now and then come back and finish reading this post.

Or don’t actually, because it’s impossible to only watch one episode when there are two complete seasons on Netflix.  This is why I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.

I have no willpower when it comes to turning off Scandal, and it doesn’t help at all, Netflix, that you have your episodes set to automatically play as soon as one finishes.  It’s soooo hard to resist the allure of those red seconds counting down until the episode starts playing and you might as well just settle in and watch.

I’m like Toad in that Frog and Toad story about the cookies where Toad is all like, “I’ll just have ONE more cookie, and then I’ll stop eating cookies.”  He can’t stop.  I don’t know what kind of cookies they are, but they must be the Scandal of cookies.  He puts them up on a really high shelf, he ties them up in a box with a bunch of string, but it doesn’t matter.  He tears into that box of cookies and ignores everything else in his life because he just. can’t. stop.

This picture of Frog and Toad with a kite has nothing to do with anything, but of course I couldn't find the book with the cookie story.

This picture of Frog and Toad with a kite has nothing to do with anything, but of course I couldn’t find the book with the cookie story.

So that’s how I am with Scandal.  Addicted.

But today’s Girl-Crush Thursday post isn’t actually about Olivia Pope.  It’s about Olivia Pope’s coats.

I love coats.  Always have.  I love a really beautiful, polished, tailored-looking coat.  I’ve had several coats that have sort of fit that description over the years, and one of my favorites was actually just a little $30 number from TJMaxx.


I have never in my life even touched, let alone owned, a coat like any of the ones worn by Ms. Pope.  They are so, so, so pretty.  She has a dove gray one, and a winter white one, and a shell pink one, and oh my goodness I don’t even know how many more.  I mean, her whole wardrobe is perfect and classy, but those coats.  They’re so dreamy.  And I totally have a crush on them.  And since they’re the pinnacle of soft, luxurious, feminine fashion, I’m considering it a girl-crush.  Those coats are obviously ladies.  Really classy ladies.

gray coat                                          2013-1-10-washington-6-thumb-autox400-48960


scandal olivia pope outfit season 2 episode 11

Of course, they wouldn’t look at all like they do on her if I put them on.  Kerry Washington and I do not exactly have the same measurements.  Like, I’m not sure she and I are even from the same planet.  She’s from HollywoodLand and I’m from, oh I don’t know, RegularTown.  But still.  A girl can dream.  And right now, my dreams are made of cashmere and lined with super-soft silk.

So if you’re looking to get me a gift, (because why wouldn’t you be?) the gray one in the top picture is my favorite.  I don’t know who makes it because I have almost zero experience with high-end designers (except that I do have a pair of red Burberry boots, but I bought them for 90% off at an outlet store and it doesn’t mean that I know anything about anything in the fashion world).  I’m sure the gray coat is really affordable.  It’s going to look so good with  my stretched-out yoga pants!

  • Mel

    Hehehe! You will totally rock that coat with Yoga pants. But, if you get the coat, I say you splurge and buy a brand new pair! 🙂

    • ShakespearesMom

      Excellent advice, Mel. You have to do a little something for yourself every now and then.

  • That gray coat IS amazing. I haven’t seen the show yet, but Kerry Washington is so awesome. She’s beautiful but also so funny– I saw her on SNL recently and she rocked it.

    • ShakespearesMom

      I didn’t see her SNL appearance – I’ll have to check it out!

  • Oh I DO love that gray coat! You should get it and pair it with whatever you want because it’s fabulous. 😉
    I haven’t watched Scandal yet but I keep hearing about it. Maybe one of these days!

    • ShakespearesMom

      It’s one of those shows that took me a couple of episodes to get into it, but once I did, man did it get me hooked. Thanks for reading!

  • Samantha Krause

    I’m totally with you- in love with Scandal and Olivia’s coats! I have googled so many of them as I watch the show. Great relatable post! #SITSblogging

    • ShakespearesMom

      Thanks! I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Oombawka Design

    I am going to check out Scandal on Netflix after the children go to sleep 🙂 and the Gray coat is my favourite too! Rhondda #SITSBlogging

    • ShakespearesMom

      I hope you like it! I didn’t fall in love with it until I’d watched a few episodes, but then I was completely hooked.

      • Oombawka Design

        Good to know 🙂 I will make sure I watch a few before I make a decision on how much I love it 😉

  • Sarah Kerner

    I love Scandal. And yes… those costs are to die for! I like to pretend my red wool coat is sort of classy like Olivia’s but I’m pretty sure I don’t pull it off like she does! #SITS

    • ShakespearesMom

      I bet you look totally classy.

  • mail4rosey

    We have a Frog and Toad book sitting around waiting for my son to get old enough to enjoy it. He’s almost there. 🙂 I haven’t seen Scandal, that gal is pretty though!

    • ShakespearesMom

      I love the Frog and Toad books. I didn’t realize until I read them as an adult how funny they are. Like a dry kind of funny. Plus I can relate to Toad. There’s one story where they go swimming and Toad doesn’t want to come out of the water because he thinks he looks funny in his bathing suit. That’s totally me.

  • I know what you mean about not being able to watch just one episode. I can’t count how many times my husband and I have said ” … just one more episode …” And I love Olivia Pope’s coats. Especially the ivory one you included above. The dove gray is nice too!


  • I too am I big Scandal fan and yes, her coats are amazing. i recently bought one similar to her white one from Banana Republic and just love wearing. #SITSblogging

  • Make It Or Fix It

    I have friends who are totally addicted to this show. I must admit that I have not watched the show. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen those amazing coats that she wears. I’m a winter girl and I love a coat and boots, plus scarves. And yes, those (especially the longer ones) coats are fierce! SITSBlogging

  • Sharp and sophisticated! Ohh yeah (Stopping in from SITS)

  • I love Frog and Toad 😉 #SITSblogging

  • Sarah Day

    I’ll never look at this quite the same way – I’ll be focused on the coats!

  • Savanna McCurry

    She’s got some awesome coats! I think I’m going to have to start watching Scandal…. I keep hearing such great things about it!

  • Oh I love that show and totally agree. I found it before this last season and stayed up way too many nights watching from the first season. Can’t wait for it to return.
    The Adored Home

  • Sue Tate

    Totally addicted to Scandal as well and Olivia Pope is my style idol…if only I didn’t have running clothes on all of the time and actually wore normal clothes.

  • Shaunna @ Tempting Thyme

    Love Scandal! I have to agree on the coats….I have a slight addiction myself. Wouldn’t you love to have her stylist, even for a day?! Shaunna

  • S Jones

    I love this post and I love Scandal. I can’t wait until it returns! : ) #sitsblogging

  • I loooooove Olivia Pope’s wardrobe! Scandal wasnt too popular during Season 1, and I was afraid it might get canceled, but now it’s got some real good following. Scandal cookies. haha

  • Stephanie

    Those coats are pretty amazing! I love the white one and would love to have one like that! A girl can dream!

  • Serena B

    Oh my goodness I totally Scandal and her coats are adorable! My only problem is I can’t pick which one I would want the most! Ugh! Stopping by from #SITSBlogging

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